Maureen Brennan


Maureen Brennan was born and raised in New Orleans. She began her performing career at the age of 4 when she got lost at the shopping mall and wandered into a bar (yes, in New Orleans shopping malls have bars). While her mom was sought over the mall's public address system, little Maureen sat on top the bar, drinking Shirley Temples and singing for the amused "patrons." She was a smash hit - and was hooked into a life upon the wicked stage or in front of the camera. After studying filmmaking at university, and a foray into stand-up comedy, Maureen lives into a comfortable life down in New Orleans "Hollywood On The Bayou" where she remains based today working in film and television as an Actor and Dialect Coach. She lives with husband, actor John McConnell, and three kids.


Movie Name Release Date
Troop Zero [HD] ซับไทย 17 January 2020